MainPageIcons adds select WDS icons before headings. It is designed to be used on the main page and on squished WDS buttons. It was made specifically for the Americhino Wiki.


Use <span class="icon-home"></span> to get an icon. Therefore, <span class="house-home"></span> produces .

With the {{Home}} template, use the second field to get an icon.

{{Home|Featured|flag-home}} produces


Available Icons

Medium (20px)

  • House
  • Quote
  • Activity
  • Image
  • Discord
  • Chat
  • Discussions
  • Link
  • User
  • Flag
  • Grid
  • Hourglass

Smaller (14px)

Add the sub-class smaller to get a smaller icon.
<span class="hourglass-home smaller"></span> gives .

  • Hourglass

Small (12px)

Add the sub-class small to get a small icon.
<span class="discussions-home small"></span> gives .

  • Numbered List
  • Paragraph
  • Pages
  • Info
  • Discussions
  • Alert
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